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Our mission is to serve our community, and provide uncompromising customer service while doing it. We are a close FAMILY, and we want you to trust us with your family. We strive to put you in a quality vehicle with the best drivers in the industry.

Our drivers are trained and have Class B licenses with Medical Cards as per the State regulations and industry standards. Feel safe knowing Express Entertainment and our drivers are committed to your safety. 

We are licensed and insured, so put your mind at ease if booking your next trip with us is on the horizon. Our contracts and service agreements are designed to protect our VIP guests and our company.

Express Entertainment will not tolerate or condone substance abuse. It is our policy to maintain a workplace free from underage alcohol and other drug abuse and its effects. It is the policy of Express Entertainment that passengers who engage in the sale, use, possession or transfer of illegal drugs or controlled substances, or who offer to buy or sell such substances; the use of alcohol under the drinking age; or the abuse of prescribed drugs will be subject to contract violation which includes contract termination with no refund. It is the policy of Express Entertainment to commit the resources necessary to achieve and maintain a drug-free and under age alcohol-free environment.

COMING SOON ~ We have applied to the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Huntsville Inc, and the National Limousine Association. We strive to be a part of the community, and provide excellence in everything we do. 

Executive profiles

Damont Hewlett is a family man and Sunday School teacher at his church. Damont has been in the car business for 21 years. Serving North Alabama has been his heart since he sold his first car. Damont has owned several successful businesses including one of Huntsville's first food trucks in the 90s. Damont has now turned to providing Huntsville with the class of Limousine Busses in Huntsville. 

Kevin Glouner has been a member of the community since 2006. Kevin is on the management team at the Von Braun Center Downtown and knows how to put together a GREAT event! Kevin was a part of the original UBER drivers in Huntsville until he started his own transportation company, Executive Transportation. Now Kevin and Damont plan to turn Express Entertainment into Huntsville's premier Limousine Bus Company. 

                                                                      Men of FAITH called to SERVE

Serving You

Plan your PERFECT event with ALL of your friends. Don't meet your friends at the party, take them on the party. With Express Entertainment, you can go ANYWHERE with EVERYONE. 

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